case study

from a candidate hunting for jobs to the potential recruiters

  • Industry: Recruitment
  • Implementation Cycle: From concept to solutions build took 10 Months
  • Environment: & .NET


NicheHunters is an online recruitment hub designed for Jersey and other offshore communities


  • To create a Project management app on platform in a limited time frame.
  • To create a Project management app on platform in a limited time frame.
  • Implement Gantt Chart functionality, build Activity Predecessor feature.
  • On Project Owner change, sharing access gets reset by default.
  • Define templates for each Project type.
  • Setup offline configuration briefcase.
  • Create Chatter groups on Project insert using PM and concerned team members.
  • Mass Transfer Activities (Custom object) Owner/Resource wise.
  • Email on Activity Due/Delay. Email to users who have not logged into SFDC for more than a week


  • SaaSFocus Consulting provided a Salesforce based solution to automate the Project Management application. Defined templates , i.e. on Project creation checked the type and created Activities plus Activity Resource.
  • Created a VF page to show Gantt and linkage thru Predecessor activities
  • Automate Sharing Access/permissions. Created group as the Project Owner, Provided team members read only permission on Project as well as Activities.
  • Developed a tool in Salesforce to manage mass transfer of Activities Owner/Resource.
  • Scheduler to send emails for Due/Delay activities and User defaulter list (not logged in more than a week)


  • Data security set in place and sharing model is automated i.e. the project details are shared with concerned vertical and not all the users.
  • After setup of Offline briefcase, user can use SFDC in remote areas and synch the data once connected.
  • Gantt chart display Day/Week/Month/ Quarter wise for the Parent, child activities and Milestone along with the Predecessor activity linkage.
  • Easy Transfer Activity records from 1 owner/resource(s) to another .
  • Enhanced Performance thru Due/Delay Activity mails to Resource and Project Manager.


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