case study

Proactive Success System – Accountant Edition

  • Implementation Cycle: From concept to build of the Vanilla solution took 7 Months
  • Environment: Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancing (ELB),
    Auto Scaling, Amazon RDS, Amazon Cloud Watch & SNS Notification


Proactive Accountants offers a broad range of Financial and Accounting Services that provides the Business with strong financial advice and direction, ensuring that tomorrow’s decisions are made on sound Financial judgments. Proactive Accountants wishes to develop an Integrated Online Portal for Accountants that will leverage accounting firms to be more proactive in planning, tracking and managing the profitability and financial growth of their business based on set of standard KPIs. Additionally, this application will Benchmark each firm on the Application against each other with an objective to improve their performance vis-à-vis other peers.


  • To improve the performance and effectiveness of the existing PSS Users
  • In existing application there was no link between the PSS application with Firms subscription in and they had to manually add new members or deactivate the existing one in two applications.
  • There were No Video Tutorial for clients to improve their proactiveness of using their data.
  • No Sales Activity record for client.
  • No Marketing Calendar for reminder
  • No Project Management and announcements
  • No Group Ranking and Membership Rank based on the KPI Scorecard.


  • Client side code improved the performance and effectiveness of the new PSS Users
  • Synced PSS and applications to deter rework on adding or managing the members separately.
  • Video Tutorial based Training increased the level of awareness of clients
  • Introduction of Sales KPI’s have made firms proactive in planning, tracking and managing the profitability
  • Introduction and setting of Daily reminders have been made possible by implementing Marketing Calendar
  • Benchmark each firm against each other with an objective to improve their performance vis-à-vis other peers.


  • Productivity Improvement through Data Capture, Analysis and Reporting.
  • Quick Analysis can be done through Sales Activity Report.
  • Globalization of Clients Operation enabled by use of Multiple Currency.
  • Activity Tracking of Clients activity by use of Active Marketing Calendar.
  • Project Management has improved with Status and Monitoring and faster time to resolution.
  • Able to track the Prospect pipeline against 90 Day action plan
  • Changes made in SFDC against account flows to Community and PSS application to manage the application access to users.
  • Classification of Firms is categorized according to their Group, Membership and Community along with their Ranking.


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